Posting of a Company Commercial to Recruit Local Employees Overseas (Chinese Version)

April 19, 2017

The nms Group is extensively deploying temporary employee placement and contracted manufacture business in China and ASEAN. We have now produced a company commercial starring local employees to recruit employees in China.

This commercial is a movie in Chinese starring mainly members of the Wuxi Office of Sino Manufacturing Service Corporation (SMS) that is the China base of the nms Group. It promotes the future and potential found in the nms Group to young people looking for something worth doing and friends.

The nms Group will continue to strive to support those facing their dreams and goals in various countries by recruiting and developing them.

【English Translation of the Commercial】

"Things are not going well…"
"Over here!" (Turns to face the voices he can hear)
"I want some friends…"
"Let’s do it together!" (Turns to face the voices he can hear)
"I want to learn more and more things…"
"We’re waiting for you!" (Looks up to face the voices she can hear)
The young people who have started running join the circle of those in thenms Group waiting for them with smiles and they all shout out together…
"The nms Group: Manufacturing develops human resources and also creates the future!"